Podcasts and Coffee - a perfect marriage some might say

March 27, 2016

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I’m a massive podcast fan. I was introduced to ‘talking radio’ by a very good friend of mine, Stephen Houghton, who was a producer on BBC 5 Live at the time. It was he who steered me towards the shows that exposed the cycling industry’s underworld and brought to my attention what a pivotal role drugs play in professional athletics. It also made the trip down the M1 from Manchester to London so much more interesting I could have stayed in the car all day and not minded.

So with that, it stands to reason, that every so often I’ll share with you a little snippet of my world. And this week, it’s a very silly show called Medium Brow, hosted by George Lamb – often joined by his partners in crime, Rick Edwards, Ivor Manly and Marc Hughes as well as a selection of very cool, professional, wizards who are the top people to talk to on the show’s given topic.

And this week, they covered coffee. In amongst the nonsense – there’s some lovely tidbits of information that might come in useful one day. Like at a pub quiz or during a cross examination in court.