About Us

CAYA is a freelance community, bringing collaboration and creativity together over great coffee. No more making a coffee last for hours and feeling guilty while you do.

Our Story

Fed up of nursing cold sludge in a chain coffee shop? Bored of sitting at home working alone? Yeah, us too.

CAYA is born out of a love for good food to stuff your face with and a need for an office without the politics.

What are we? We are your local speciality coffee shop. With everything you’d expect – exceptional coffee, tasty tea, good food from great suppliers who believe, like we do, food shouldn’t be tasteless processed garbage but nutritious, filling and delicious.

And why us, and not one of the other coffee shops around here? We got space. We’ve got space for you to work with plugs and comfortable chairs. At a price that makes you want to sit here, and not feel guilty for hogging a table and searching for an elusive plug. Nor are we going to force you to come to organised games and make you network with other members.

We are the future. Working remotely. Working for yourself. Working in virtual teams. Working on the move. We get it. You’ve got to work. How and where you do is changing. With us, you can forget about expensive monthly fees, lengthy contracts and all the admin from renting on your own. Just come in, sit down, get on with it. And if you see someone you have seen here before – say hello.

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